Sunday, May 18, 2008

Numero Uno

Over this past year, my senior year of high school, I had two blogs. One, Journey to Jacksonville, was to record how God was working in my life through Summit. The other, God Said It Best, was to record my thoughts on lessons God has been teaching me. Now that Summit is over I no longer need that blog, and I've felt a little "stuck" with my other blog, as I feel like I shouldn't write anything "non-spiritual" on it, when many times it is the non-spiritual things of life that lead us to learning spiritual lessons. So I decided I needed just one blog that was my "everything" blog, my life blog. Where I could write about everything going on in my life AND what God was teaching my through that. This blog is it. I will no longer be updating God Said It Best, and will unlikely be updating Journey to Jacksonville once I get finished recording my Summit memories.

The reason I call this blog "Learning Christ's Dance" is twofold. One, I absolutely love dancing, especially ballroom dancing. Dancing is a passion of mine. Second, I firmly believe that life is about Christ. Christ is the center of everything. I absolutely love drawing parallels between life and dance, and the title does just that. See, in ballroom dancing, it is the job of the man to lead the woman. The man decides what the dance will be like, and it is His job to show the woman what He wants the dance to be like. The same way, Christ knows what He wants our lives to look like, and He will lead us to show us what it should be. Now, when a man leads a woman in a dance, he isn't describing everything out loud or demonstrating everything for the woman. He uses little hints-slight changes in body movement-to guide the woman where he wants her to go. So Christ doesn't tell us His plan for our lives outright, but rather guides us in the direction He wants us to go. The woman can mess it up in many ways-trying to lead, ignoring the signals, hesitating, etc. So we can mess up our lives if we don't follow Christ's lead.

This is my purpose on earth-to learn the dance that Christ has choreographed for me and learn to dance it gracefully, following my Lord and Savior as he leads me where He wants me to go and do what He wants me to do. Hopefully, this is what my blog will show-I hope that through everything I write, that the common thread in everything will be learning the dance that Christ has for me.