Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am so spoiled

Michelle Kick spent $12 on a small white chocolate raspberry cake for me. Just because.

I am so spoiled to have amazing friends like her. :) :) :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

I don't think you have a clue

You think you know what love is.

I think you're full of it.

When you spend the night in a leaking tent, the only counselor with three girls, one of who is deathly afraid of the thunder and lightning outside, freezing cold, not comfortable in any way...because you want to give these girls a chance to know God the way you do...that is love.

You think you're happy.

I don't think you have the first clue.

Give up something you really want to follow God. Make knowing Him your first priority. Abandon all else only for Him. Then you will experience true joy.

And when the little girl turns over, says "I love you" and kisses you on the that moment you will and joy. In that moment you'll see. In that moment everything else will seem worthless...and this will be worth it.

And yet...the God of the universe created every detail about me, knows every detail about me, continues to love me anyway, and sent His Son to die for my sins...even as I continue to care less about Him.

I thought I knew what love was.

I thought I was happy.

I'm full of it.

And I don't have a clue...