Sunday, August 29, 2010

Discussing Dating: Part 1

I have been looking forward to my college pastor's series on dating ever since he announced it at the end of last semester. Today he started with part 1. Listen to it at the link below, and then come back and discuss it!

(For anyone who doesn't know my college pastor, be forewarned that he has a tendency to be sarcastic sometimes ;-) )

Potential discussion questions:

1) Anything he didn't discuss that you wish he had? I wish that he had at least mentioned something about "becoming" the right person, or living your life in a "marriage-minded" direction, stuff that can happen even before a first date. For example, in my opinion, a marriage-minded person tries to handle their finances well so that they don't come into marriage with debt (or are working to pay off any debt they already have), are involved in spiritual community to be actively growing as a believer, etc. Granted, he only had so much time to talk...I just wish he had at least mentioned that being "marriage-minded" can encompass more than just being proactive and asking people out on dates.

2) What do you think it means to be "marriage-minded"?

3) Anything he said that you disagree with?

4) What about the ladies' role? I, personally, am one of those two-thirds of the ladies who would never suggest dating to a guy. Maybe someday I'll change my opinion on this, but I can't get past the fact that even suggesting something romantic to a guy before he's asked me out seems like I'm taking away the "risk" factor. And that "risk" factor is, in my opinion, what separates the pansies from the men.

However, if we don't ever bring up the possibility, are their still other ways that ladies can encourage the guys around them to be proactive in the dating process?

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