Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spring 2011 Class Schedule

16 hours total.

BL 3305-02-Legal Environment of Business-MWF 9:05-Agee

MGT 4336-03-Personnel/Human Resource Management-MWF 10:10-Cox

MGT 4333-01-Procurement and Materials Management-M 12:30-Moyer

BUS 3315-07-Integrated Business Writing-TTh 8:00-Young

MGT 4330-01-Project Management-TTh 11:00-Umble

MUS 1124-02-Class Voice-TTh 12:30-Johnson

I am considering dropping Human Resources Management to take Principles of Real Estate instead, which would push the total to 17 hours. We'll see though. Likely, I'll just end up keeping this schedule.

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